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Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

An extensive social media campaign

Two reports commissioned by the Senate provided insight on the Russian intent to support Trump’s rise to presidency. Researchers noted that Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) used major social media platforms to suppress voter turnout from liberal minority groups’ and spread right-wing conspiracy theories.

What we know so far

Both reports’ conclusions echo a bipartisan Senate report from July that supported US intelligence findings on Moscow’s involvement in the elections. Additionally, the IRA’s interference in the 2016 elections was affirmed in February by the Department of Justice’s indictment of Russian agents who worked for the firm.


Mother Jones: How Russian Trolls Boosted Conservative News Outlets in the United States

The Atlantic: Russian Trolls and the Trump Campaign Both Tried to Depress Black Turnout

The left focuses on Russian intent to help Trump and contributions to conservative news outlets. They are outraged that the IRA sought to suppress African American turnout during the election. These articles also emphasize the reports’ conclusion that Russian disinformation is ongoing


Washington Examiner: Russian election-meddling used YouTube, Instagram, more than previously thought, Senate Intel report says

The Hill: Report accuses US tech giants of impeding Senate's Russia probe

The right focuses their blame on social media and tech companies in the Russian disinformation scheme. In particular, they criticize tech companies for their lack of transparency, asserting that their supply of limited information on Russian online presence perpetuates disinformation.

What happens next?

While both sides acknowledge meddling in the 2016 election, there has been minimal pushback against the Russian government to prevent future interferences. However, this could change with Democrats reclaiming the House; it’s likely that they will use their investigative powers to wield congressional oversight into the Russia probe.

There are no memes in Russia



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