SCOTUS Examines A Census Question 🔍

Adele Morgan / WSJ

Adele Morgan / WSJ

Proposed additional census question goes to the courts

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. This case has been accelerated through the court system because of its time-sensitive nature (the decision must be made by June so the census ballots can be printed accurately), but this acceleration means that SCOTUS will not be able to work off of multiple lower court rulings when making their decisions.

Why does this matter?

The Trump administration’s explanation for wanting to include a citizenship question concerns proper enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Other parties, however, such as CEOs, companies such as Nielsen, and advocacy groups such as the ACLU, have voiced their disapproval of the question, stating that this question will lead to diminished non-citizen participation and could skew representation for certain congressional districts.


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The right is mostly trying to downplay the severity of the question that the left is bringing up. They maintain that many censuses before have asked some form of a citizenship question, and put blame on Democratic politicians and governments for questioning the motives behind the decision.


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The left highlights the high-stakes nature of this debate, as well as placing clear responsibility on Trump and Republicans’ political reasons for wanting to add this question to the census. They choose to look into the future and speculate on the effects this question will have.

Where's the common ground?

Both left and right-leaning media outlets are focusing on the Trump administration when examining the issue. Although the left is more accusatory and the right publishes more supportive content, neither side is hiding that Trump and his Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross are pushing this measure forward.



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