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Olivier Douliery-Pool / Getty Images

Olivier Douliery-Pool / Getty Images

Betsy DeVos takes the lead

In the wake of Florida’s Parkland school shooting, which left 17 students dead, the Trump administration formed the Federal Commission on School Safety. The commission, lead by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, recently put together a 200-page report detailing several recommendations to reduce violence in schools.

And...what did it say?

DeVos wants the Trump administration to rescind Obama-era policies aimed at reducing racial disparities in the discipline of minority students. The committee argued that this approach actually increases school violence, due to an increasing lack of punishment for unwarranted and suspicious behavior. It also urged schools to contemplate arming trained faculty and staff.


Buzzfeed News: Betsy DeVos's Commission Says A Way To Prevent School Shootings Is To Drop Disciplinary Protections For Minority Students

CNN: Trump's post-Parkland panel recommends ending Obama-era school discipline policies

The left focuses on the commission’s decision to abandon Obama’s anti-discriminatory policies, stressing that almost no high-profile school shootings were committed by black students. They also note that many anticipated the report to focus on guns. To the left’s surprise, the commission’s findings instead leaned toward mental health and children’s development issues.


Washington Examiner: Betsy DeVos to Recommend States Consider Arming School Personnel

Breitbart: Donald Trump School Safety Report Urges More Responsible Media Coverage of Mass Shooters

The right skims over the commission’s decision to abandon Obama’s policies, especially in their headlines. When they do mention this rollback, they highlight its paradoxical implications. Instead, the right primarily points to the recommendations regarding unhealthy media portrayals of school shooters and individual schools potentially arming trained personnel.

The report’s big picture

Overall, Betsy DeVos’ recommendations primarily called upon states and school districts to enact their own change. Besides wanting to rescind Obama-era policies, the majority of the report did not look to the government for radical gun-related solutions. 

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