Saudi Arabia's Missing Journo Story Gets Darker 🔪

Fayez Nureldine / AFP / Getty Images

Fayez Nureldine / AFP / Getty Images

Gruesome details emerge

As we reported last week, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate in Turkey two weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since. Yesterday, Turkey released alleged recordings from inside the consulate that detail Khashoggi’s torture, murder, and dismemberment.

Was Saudi Prince MBS in on it?

Turkey alleges that the Saudis that killed Khashoggi were members of Saudi’s security forces and had ties to Mohammed Bin Salman, the crown prince and heir to the Saudi throne.


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Those who believe the U.S. must respond strongly to the Saudis highlight tweets from Trump as proof that the U.S. is not taking Khashoggi’s murder seriously. Articles from this side also argue that Saudi Arabia - a state-sponsor of terror and human rights abuser - does not deserve the partnership of the U.S. and ought to be isolated diplomatically and economically - even if doing so could hurt U.S. economic interests.


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Those who believe the U.S. response to Saudi should be measured point to vital economic and political ties to Saudi Arabia that must be protected to secure U.S. interests. Saudi oil imports keep gas prices low in the U.S., Saudi investments help fuel U.S. businesses, and a “tremendous order” of weapons from Saudi could create 50,000 American jobs. Delivering a strong punishment to Saudi Arabia, this side argues, could be very bad for the U.S.

Should the U.S. cut ties with Saudi Arabia?

Strangely, this story has united American politics: Republicans and Democrats are calling for a strong response. Some sort of half-measure will likely be the U.S. response in the end. The Trump administration could expel Saudi diplomats from the U.S., pursue a UN resolution against Saudi Arabia, curtail arms sales or sanction individuals. If the evidence implicates the Saudi Prince, the U.S. could insist he be replaced as heir by another prince.

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia (yes, this is a thing)



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