Sarah Sanders Resigning As WH Press Secretary 🏛

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Sanders to return to Arkansas

President Donald Trump announced that the press secretary will return to her home state after she steps down in June. The question as to who will replace Sanders remains uncertain.

Bid for governor?

The daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Sanders may be opting for the position herself. When reporters asked if she hoped to run for governor, the press secretary replied she learned to never â€śrule anything out.”


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The right, on the other hand, focuses on the Democrats’ response to Sanders’ resignation. Articles will report that Trump administration critics have excoriated Sanders as a mouthpiece for the president. In doing this, conservative outlets cover the Democrats’ response as vitriolic and uncivil. Other articles examine her return to Arkansas, highlighting Trump’s desire that Sanders run for Governor of the state.


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The left generally focuses on Sanders’ departure as an indicator of how many of Trump’s allies have left the administration. Some articles will briefly recall Spicer’s 2017 resignation, to compare the two press secretaries’ legacies. Other articles note that Sanders’ press briefings waned towards the end of her tenure. Some pieces claim that the press secretary habitually misled the press while defending the president.

Where's the common ground?

While the right and left demur on Sanders’ ethics and effectiveness as a Press Secretary, both sides concede that her departure is significant. Both liberal and conservative news outlets also agree that Sanders’ â€śslip of the tongue” claim about former FBI director James Comey dented her reputation.

AdiĂłs, Madam Secretary. Let's reflect together, shall we?



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