Allegations, Threats, and Investigations 🕵

Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP

Photo: Marco Ugarte / AP

Hot Rod in a hot mess

Allegations have surfaced that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein threatened a criminal subpoena of records from Republican lawmakers and staffers during a closed-door meeting back in January. According to emails assessed by Fox News detailing the incident, the staffers perceived it to be a “personal attack” and a “not-so-veiled threat to unleash the full prosecutorial power of the state.”

Who is Rod Rosenstein?

Rod Rosenstein entered the spotlight when he was given oversight over special counsel Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, following Jeff Sessions’ recusal. Rosenstein, a Trump appointee, also authored the memo that Trump used as a basis for firing then FBI director James Comey. Recently, Rep. Nunes (R) and Rosenstein have clashed over Nunes’ efforts to access classified intel pertaining to the Russia investigation.


The right argues that by threatening to subpoena the staffer’s records, Rosenstein is bullying his way out of having to comply with oversight requirements. Furthermore, they contend that a conflict of interest is clouding Rosenstein’s judgment. They acknowledge that there are conflicting reports regarding what Rosenstein said to Nunes’ staffers, but note that a DOJ official said Rosenstein did not make any such threats.

The left doubts claims that Rosenstein made threats. They note that the FBI and Justice Department have disputed claims that Rosenstein threatened Nunes’ staffers with a criminal subpoena. Furthermore, the left contends that the staffers threatened to hold Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress, which prompted Rosenstein to state that he has the right to subpoena any pertinent information as evidence to defend himself. In addition, they assert that Rosenstein has faced attacks from Republicans attempting to protect Trump from the Mueller investigation. 

He said, she said

There are conflicting statements from staffers and Justice Department officials regarding exactly what Rosenstein said and whether it was a threat or not. Rosenstein has drawn the ire of many Republicans and Trump himself (calling Rosenstein conflicted) for his handling of the Russia investigation. Grab your popcorn, the team has turned on itself and the waters are getting muddy. 

Rosenstein right now



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