Rep. Ilhan Omar In Trouble (Again) 😮

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Questionable comments

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is in hot water again after her recent controversial comments regarding Israel. Many, including fellow democrats, have labeled her comments as anti-Semitic and called for her to apologize.

A troubling trend?

Omar has already faced backlash on two separate occasions for comments that many have labeled anti-Semitic. Her recent comments have led some to call for her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


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The left focuses on the Democratic Party’s reaction to the incident. They quote Democrat lawmakers criticizing Omar. Furthermore, they emphasize that the Democrats are planning on introducing a resolution to combat anti-Semitism. The left also points out that Pelosi publicly rebuked Omar for her controversial comments in the past.


The Daily Caller: Ahmed: Will Pelosi remove Omar from House Foreign Affairs, or will she remain silent?

Washington Examiner: Nancy Pelosi promotes Rolling Stone cover with Ilhan Omar as she continues to spread anti-Semitism

The right criticizes Omar, labeling her as “Jew-hating,” while also taking aim at Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democratic Party as a whole. They say that Pelosi posing for the Rolling Stone cover with Omar sends the wrong message: that anti-Semitism is okay as long as it comes from the left. The right also claims that Omar is taking advantage of her victimhood as a result of Islamophobia.

Controversy overshadows actual issue

Omar's comments highlighted US foreign policy on Israel, which is complex and long-debated. But rather than focus on the actual foreign policy issue at hand, the topic that has most prominently emerged from these instances has been whether her comments are anti-Semitic. As a freshman Representative, Omar may have damaged her political capital – she is quickly making a name for herself, but for the wrong reasons.

Omar to all the haters



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