Is the Refugee Caravan a Political Prop? 🚷

John Moore / Getty Images

John Moore / Getty Images

More troops to the border

President Trump has frequently vocalized his concern over a caravan of refugees headed towards the US from central America. Trump originally announced that 5,000 troops would be sent to the border to handle the influx of potentially thousands of migrants. That number has now been bumped up to 15,000 troops.  

Political stunt?

As the midterm elections approach next week, some believe Trump is pulling a political stunt to fire up his base by sending an excessive number of troops. Others believe Trump’s claims are legitimate attempts to bolster needed security.


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The left 
focuses on the timing of Trump’s planned deployment as well as the lack of effectiveness it would have. The military does not have authorization to detain potential illegal immigrants but rather could only assist border patrol in menial ways. This side also notes that this deployment exceeds the number of troops currently in Afghanistan (~14,000). 


Fox News: Mattis, when asked if troop deployment to border is stunt: ‘We don’t do stunts.’

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The right 
focuses more on the migrant caravan. They note that the caravan is as large as 10,000 people now and prepared to disregard political ramifications. This side acknowledges that the military cannot act as a police force but will be necessary in assisting border patrol to do things like build tent cities for asylum seekers and install barriers. 

How long will this drama go on?

This caravan story will likely stay in the news cycle for several more weeks. The caravan is still ~1,000 miles away in southern Mexico. It moves at a walking pace and covers 20 to 30 miles a day. At this rate, the caravan won't reach the US border for at least another month. Expect this saga to continue...

The caravan's path so far

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