Pulling Out Of Syria Isn't So Simple 🛦

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Ethan Miller / Getty


This Sunday, national security adviser John Bolton laid out certain conditions for the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. Bolton’s conditions will likely slow down Trump’s initial decision for a quick withdrawal of troops by several months or even years.

Two conditions

Bolton, while visiting Israel to provide reassurance to the US ally, emphasized two key conditions for the troop pullout. The first condition is that the last Islamic State remnants in the region are defeated. And secondly, a guarantee from Turkey that they will not attack Kurdish forces (who are US allies).


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The left highlights Trump’s commentssurrounding a NY Times report claiming that Bolton has set certain conditions, which will dictate the timeline for the withdrawal of troops from Syria. The left contends that Bolton’s conditions were intended to slow down Trump’s initial plan to withdraw troops – emphasizing that Trump’s decision prompted Mattis’ resignation.


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The right focuses on John Bolton’s comments surrounding the plan to withdraw US troops from Syria. They emphasize that the withdrawal of troops is contingent on certain conditions being met – one of which is the defeat of any remaining IS presence in the region. Furthermore, the right points out that this is an indication that the pull-out has been slowed compared to initial plans.

History repeating itself?

Trump’s initial decision for a rapid withdrawal of US forces from Syria received heavy criticism from lawmakers and military officials. The recent comments from the administration indicate that perhaps the withdrawal announcement was a hasty one. Even Republicans are criticizing Trump’s decision – calling it an Obama-like mistake when he withdrew US troops from Iraq.

Is Trump having second thoughts?



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