Pompeo's Trip to North Korea Canceled ❌

KCNA / Reuters

KCNA / Reuters

Lack of progress

Last Friday, President Trump canceled Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s planned trip to North Korea. Trump canceled the visit due to a lack of “sufficient progress with respect to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”. 


What happened to the progress?

The only major steps North Korea has made since the Trump-Kim summit are the dismantlement of a missile test site and the return of American remains from the Korean War. Pompeo also admitted in July that the Kim regime was still making fissile (nuclear) material. 

The right sees Trump’s decision as a part of his overall deal-making strategy. They believe that Trump is well aware that “North Korea is not holding up their end of the bargain”. As a result, he canceled Pompeo’s visit to avoid “rewarding North Korea with another high-level meeting that can be used for propaganda purposes”. 

The left sees the cancellation as Trump admitting his outreach to King Jong Un has failed. They believe that the president has finally realized that there has been a lack of progress. The left also notes that the abrupt decision caught South Korean diplomats off guard and left their Prime Minister “isolated ahead of his planned trip to Pyongyang next month”.

Ulterior motives?

This cancellation is bringing to light other ongoing issues in Asia. President Trump has suggested that China may be interfering with negotiations with North Korea. This has turned North Korea into another front of the U.S.-China trade war and put any prospects of peace on the peninsula on hold until the trade issues get resolved.

After the Trump-Kim summit



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