Pence’s Pride Flag Ban 🏳️‍🌈

Jeon Heon-Kyun / EPA - EFE / Shutterstock

Jeon Heon-Kyun / EPA - EFE / Shutterstock

Pride flag not approved

On Monday, VP Mike Pence confirmed that the Trump administration had not approved US embassies to fly the LGBTQ pride flag on their flag poles during Pride Month. While President Trump also doesn’t support flying the rainbow flag at US embassies, he recently tweeted his support for LGBTQ rights.

Request denied

In June, four countries–Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia–were denied permission to fly the rainbow flag. However, some embassies have found other ways to showcase the flag, such as situating it on the building’s facade or installing rainbow colored lights.


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Washington Examiner: State Department: 'Only the American flag should be flown' on embassy flagpoles

The right views Pence’s decision to deny embassies’ requests to fly the Pride flag as protecting the sacredness of the American flag rather than action against the LGBTQ community. These articles also highlight President Trump’s tweeted support for Pride Month, and they commend embassies that found ways to display the rainbow flag without compromising the American flag and its importance.


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The left frames Pence’s flag ban as a not-so-subtle dig at Pride and LGBTQ rights. These articles not only laud embassies that are finding ways to incorporate the rainbow flag, but also view these efforts as a revolt against the ban rather than compliance with it.

Where's the common ground?

While right and left disagree on whether Pence’s decision to deny embassies from flying the Pride flag aligns with American values, both sides seem to generally support Pride month and the rights of LGBTQ people–a dramatic change from years past.

US embassies subtweeting Mike Pence like



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