Pelosi Problems? ✋

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Democrats back in power

This week the Democratic caucus selected Nancy Pelosi to be the next Speaker of the House. If confirmed by a full House vote, Pelosi will return a position she last held in 2011 when Dems controlled the House.

What's the problem?

A faction of Democrats did not vote for Pelosi because they want to usher in a new class of leadership in the party. Many, if not all, Republicans will vote against Pelosi when she seeks her full House confirmation. It is possible that Pelosi could fall short in her confirmation if the dissenting Democrats don't support her.


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The left believes Pelosi will get the votes necessary for confirmation. They remind readers that Pelosi lost 63 votes to a challenger for her minority leadership in 2016, yet she still won the seat. This side concedes that Pelosi does have to win some votes over, but claim her political tact will help her secure the Speakership.


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The right
 stresses the fact that Pelosi ran unopposed in the Democratic nomination and still received 32 "no" votes. They emphasize the disagreement within the Democratic party. This side claims that Pelosi and her generation of Democrats upset others in the caucus by not listening to their concerns.

So what are the odds?

Both sides admit that Pelosi ultimately has the skill to win over any opposition within her party. Recent confirmations (e.g. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh) have demonstrated that party members would rather confirm their own than risk screwing things up. 

When you screw up big time



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