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Toya Sarno Jordan / Getty Images

Toya Sarno Jordan / Getty Images

Republican Paul Ryan 101

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a native of Janesville, Wisconsin. He worked for various Republican politicians in Washington D.C. before returning to Wisconsin, where he won the 1st congressional district, which he would represent for 20 years. He was Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate in 2012. Following their unsuccessful campaign, he was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in October 2015.

Ryan's new book

After Republicans lost the House in the 2018 elections, Ryan announced he was retiring, effective January 2019. When he retired, President Trump called him a “truly good man” with a “legacy of achievement that nobody can question.” However, in his upcoming book “American Carnage,” Ryan says that Trump “doesn’t know anything about government” and operates on ill-informed “knee-jerk reactions.”


Fox News: Trump blasts Paul Ryan as 'weak, ineffective & stupid' in fresh attack on ex-Speaker

The Blaze: Trump Unleashed: Paul Ryan ‘Weak, Ineffective & Stupid,’ ‘Almost Killed’ Republican Party

The right almost singularly report on Trump’s “blast[ing]” of Paul Ryan, but does not widely report on the former House Speaker’s criticisms of Trump. By largely ignoring Ryan’s comments, the right portrays Trump as a fierce defender of the Republican party without acknowledging his critics.


Washington Post: 'Couldn’t get him out of Congress fast enough!’: Trump lashes out after Paul Ryan slams him in new book

Vanity Fair: In New Book, Paul Ryan Admits He was a Fraud All Along

The left chooses to either report, often negatively, about Paul Ryan and the self-revelations about his own conduct in his book, or how Trump criticized Ryan’s criticisms of him. A key differentiation is that the left reports on both Trump and Ryan’s remarks about each other. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides report on the facts, but their headlines take starkly different approaches, which can sway their readers to interpret the news in a light more or less favorable to Trump and the current Republican party. Based on the current shouting matches between Trump and Ryan on the right and Nancy Pelosi and a more progressive Democratic “squad” on the left, it appears that our political divisions are no longer only interparty, but also intraparty.

When nobody knows who is right



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