Oregon State Senate Plays Hide-and-Seek ๐Ÿ‘€

Noble Guyon / The Oregonian

Noble Guyon / The Oregonian

Runaway Republicans 

Last Thursday, eleven Republican Oregon state senators walked out and fled the state in an attempt to block the vote on HB2020, a cap and trade climate bill. As legislation cannot be passed without a twenty-senator assembly, Gov. Kate Brown sent the state police to retrieve the escapees.

Killed bill

As of Monday morning, none of the Republicans have been found, leading the Senate President Peter Courtney to declare HB2020 dead. The bill aimed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases by capping emissions and requiring anyone who exceeded the limit to purchase credits. However, it is unclear whether the bill will be reintroduced in the 2020 session.


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The right concentrates on the inadequacies of the bill, describing it as โ€œinefficient, complicated, and expensiveโ€. Drawing upon these deficiencies as justification for their walkout, conservatives also emphasize the risk this bill poses for rural Oregonians in the logging industry. 


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The left focuses on the extreme actions of Republican senators and questions the Republican state senatorsโ€™ ability to dictate the fate of such bills. While they emphasize the Democratic cooperation in ending these bills, many liberal news outlets have also brought attention to the environmental damage the end of HB2020 could cause. 

Where's the common ground?

Senate President Courtneyโ€™s announcement indicates that the state senate is willing to sacrifice the HB2020 to bring the Republicans back, allowing them to pass 125 other bills before the end of the session. As this is the second time in six weeks that senate Republicans have walked out, both sides agree that the standoff indicates a need for reevaluation of bipartisan cooperation in the Oregon state government. 

But let's not forget who the Oregon Republicans learned from:



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