Omar Faces Death Threats After Trump’s Tweet 🧕

Tom Williams / AP Images

Tom Williams / AP Images

It all started when Omar gave a speech for CAIR

On April 9th, Rep. Illhan Omar (D-MN) spoke at LA's CAIR banquet about the New Zealand mosque shooting and how it has affected the Muslim population in the US. During the speech, she referenced 9/11 and said that “some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Where do the death threats come in?

Trump responded by tweeting a video of Omar's words spoken over images of the 9/11 attack, along with the caption, “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!” Since then, Omar has faced death threats and Democrats have moved to ensure her safety.


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The right calls out Omar’s comments as inappropriate. Several articles focus on what Omar’s comments may indicate about her character or allegiance, and the focus is more on Omar herself than on either Trump’s tweet or any of the safety issues that the left is concerned about. The right also points out how the left might use the controversy to their advantage.


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The left is focusing on the fallout of Omar’s comments and the threat to her safety. Articles frequently reference Trump’s tweet as inciting violence and hatred against Omar and against Muslims in general. Fewer articles call attention to Omar’s speech itself. Instead, the left points out the danger Omar faces in the coming days and the measures taken to protect her.

Where's the common ground?

With such a partisan issue, common ground is hard to come by. Both parties agree that the 9/11 attack was a dark time for the US, and neither party is seeking to justify the attack itself. The left and the right diverge in how they've chosen to approach the issue, and each is weaker in the area the other is covering, leaving a lot of room for confusion on what’s actually going on.

Could we maybe have some nice, calm disagreement without...death threats?



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