Ohio's Special Election Heats Up 🔥

The Danny O’Connor campaign

The Danny O’Connor campaign

‘Tis the season of elections

Yesterday, Ohio held a special election for its 12th Congressional District. Danny O’Connor (D) and Troy Balderson (R) are competing for a seat in the House of Representatives that has traditionally been considered a safe Republican seat. As of this writing, Balderson is up less than 1 point in a surprisingly close race that has yet to be called. Whoever the winner, there will ultimately be a rematch between the two candidates during the November midterm elections.


Strong support system

Balderson has received support from Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) and President Trump. Faced with GOP uncertainty, both VP Mike Pence and Trump rallied voters on Saturday to elect Balderson. Many see this as a preliminary test of Trump’s strength in swing states. Both sides have spent a lot of dough on this election, though Republicans have reportedly dropped significantly more

The right, surprisingly, surrenders this election as ultimately a loss for the GOP. They worry that even a close win for the GOP in an election supported by Trump and the party’s large budget could foreshadow poor results in upcoming elections. Articles from this side concede that rising Democratic enthusiasm is a shock to the GOP stronghold, but they downplay the possibility of it being a potential threat. Nonetheless, they suggest that the blue wave is more ideological than tangible. 

The left celebrates the special election as a party victory indicative of a changing political climate, whether O’Connor wins or loses. They view the close race in a Republican stronghold as evidence of a "blue wave" that may help Dems take over the House of Representatives. Articles from this side label this election as not only a loss for the GOP - but also a loss for President Trump.

Is the US becoming more blue now?

Not necessarily. This bipartisan acknowledgment of a "win" for Democrats and a “blue wave” does little to indicate any true ideological shifts in the nation. Rather, the Ohio special election, along with Conor Lamb’s (D-PA) narrow victory and Ocasio-Cortez’s interparty upset win, demonstrate people’s cyclical tendency to uproot the political status quo - one that led to Trump’s victory in 2016. Whether or not O’Connor wins the race, the 12th District’s dead heat election symbolically shook the foundations of the nation’s right-leaning establishment.

Close call for the GOP



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