North Korean Missile Testing 🚀

KCNA / STR / AFP / Getty Images

KCNA / STR / AFP / Getty Images

Summit reminder

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met from February 27-28 for their second face-to-face summit within the past year. The expectations for the summit were high, but it ultimately ended abruptly without any agreement. We previously reported on the lead up to the summit and its failure.

New missile tests

Prior to their first summit, Kim agreed to suspend all nuclear and missile testing as a sign of good faith. This past week, news reports have indicated that North Korea might be rebuilding one or more of its decommissioned missile facilities to begin new missile tests.


MSNBC: North Korean officials take full advantage of what Trump gave them

Huffington Post: John Bolton Refuses To Comment On New Images Of North Korean Launch Site

The left’s headlines either: (1) paint a picture that the North has taken advantage of the US (courtesy of Trump) or (2) portrays the administration as defensive by not responding to questions on the topic. Interestingly, Bolton did comment on the topic, but some media on the left chose not to report his comments (as of this writing).


Breitbart: North Korea Partially Rebuilds Missile Site it Promised to Dismantle

Fox News: Bolton says Trump 'pretty disappointed' by reports North Korea is planning new missile test

The right’s headlines either: (1) acknowledge that the North seems to be going back on its promise not to rebuild missile sights, but minimize the severity of the issue or (2) directly quote Trump as “pretty disappointed,” without providing any additional commentary to signal a stance on the topic.

Is there cause for concern?

Possibly. (1) North Korea was already improving its nuclear and missile programs so the current news is an extension of other efforts, (2) the main facility being rebuilt was historically a satellite, not an ICBM, launch facility and (3) the DPRK is possibly sending a political (rather than a military) message that they want sanctions relief before any denuclearization steps.

Kim sending a message



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