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Evan Vucci / AP

Evan Vucci / AP

Nikki Haley rundown

Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN resigned this week, effective at the end of 2018. Haley started her UN gig in January 2017 and previously served as the first female governor of South Carolina. Despite her appointment, Haley originally endorsed Marco Rubio over Trump during the 2016 election. During her time as US Ambassador to the UN, Haley has received praise from all sides.

A shining star?

Many considered Haley one of the few stars in Trump's cabinet. She notably garnered acclaim for speaking her mind and even “sidestepping” Trump. Some are concerned that Trump's cabinet will lose balance after Haley’s departure and note that her resignation leaves only five women in the cabinet. Why did Nikki Haley resign and why now?


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Those that believe Haley’s resignation doesn’t make sense 
cite the divisive Trump cabinet as the potential cause for her split. The first source, an interview, includes questions that push Haley to give opinions on DC. At one point the interviewer labels it as toxic and Haley does not disagree. The second source argues that Haley might be gearing up a presidential run - she’s since claimed she won’t run in 2020.


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Those that believe Haley’s resignation makes sense 
also cite Trump’s White House a primary cause, but for different reasons. They speculate that Haley is wisely leaving before multiple investigations bring the Trump administration down. They say getting out now will put her in a position to pick up the pieces afterward. Some articles also tie Haley’s resignation to her acceptance of free flights, which she reported incorrectly. 

So why do we think she resigned and what does it mean?

It seems likely that the relentless attention on Trump’s cabinet played a factor in Haley's decision. It also seems likely that she will keep good on her word to stay out of the 2020 race. The path becomes much easier in 2024. For now, don't expect Haley’s resignation to hurt or help the White House any more than any other cabinet departure. If her track record provides any indication, Haley’s next political move will prove significant.

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