"Fake News" Fights Back 🥊

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Mario Tama / Getty Images

A coordinated effort

Yesterday, in an effort spearheaded by The Boston Globe, editorial boards at 300+ American newspapers published editorials criticizing President Trump’s frequent attacks on the press. The articles ran in national and local newspapers - here’s a full list


Trump punches back

Unsurprisingly, President Trump clapped back via twitter by claiming victory over the “fake news media”accusing The Boston Globe of “colluding” with other papers, and arguing that the press is pushing a political agenda to hurt people.

The right sees these editorials as further proof of the “mainstream media outlets” bias against Trump. The right argues that these editorials will fire up the President's base and prove that the media cannot be trusted. Some outlets also highlight President Obama’s treatment of the press, specifically how Obama pursued “leaker” journalists aggressively. The lack of a concerted response from the press then is viewed as further evidence of bias against Trump.

The left sees these editorials as an appropriate, necessary response to a president who consistently tells lies and undermines the authority of the press. Articles from the left give an accounting of the president’s untruths and assaults on the press. The left also points to polling data that suggests Americans’ trust in the media is eroding (thanks to Trump) and argues that this is dangerous to our democracy.  

Will these editorials change anyone's mind?

Probably not. As many articles on the right point out, anyone who trusts the media likely already agrees with what these editorial boards had to say. Trump’s supporters - who overwhelmingly distrust media - won’t be swayed by these editorials. However, interestingly, the Republican-led Senate weighed in on the issue and opposed President Trump. Yesterday, the Senate passed a resolution in support of press freedoms, which included an affirmation “that the press is not the enemy of the people.”

Trump to CNN



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