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Nuccio DiNuzzo / Associated Press

Nuccio DiNuzzo / Associated Press

NBA draft lottery

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft lottery occurred on Tuesday, a bizarre process by which ping pong balls and other factors determine which NBA team gets first pick in the upcoming draft. This lottery proved significant because the team that won would receive Zion Williamson, considered the best prospect since Lebron James.

Pelicans win?

The New Orleans Pelicans won the draft lottery and conceivably the rights to draft Zion. However, many see New Orleans as a franchise in disarray and on Wednesday reports surfaced that Zion may try to find any way out of joining the Pelicans, even including a return to college.


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Those who question if Zion’s in focus on a video of Zion after the Pelicans received the pick, in which he did not appear happy (or sad). The sources discuss the reality that because Zion has not signed a professional shoe deal, he could technically return to Duke. The sources also drum up other options for how he might evade New Orleans.


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Those who believe that Zion’s in do not even address the possibility that he’s out, though they acknowledge that New Orleans, which had only a 6% chance of winning the lottery last night, benefited from the lottery’s recent changes. These sources also paint Zion as a “good guy” and reference his likable personality.

Where's the common ground?

Though some sources doubt Zion’s enthusiasm about New Orleans because of the video, even they believe Zion will likely elect to go to New Orleans. If he does (and he should), it could also mean new development for other New Orleans star player, Anthony Davis, who requested a trade from New Orleans in the 2018-2019 season.

Zion with his hype squad 



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