The World Descends on Thailand - United 🌏

Thai Navy Seals

Thai Navy Seals

Editors Note

Today’s first story takes a break from news media bias. Instead, we want to cover a story for our readers that has united the world in suspense and support. Even in times when our divisions lead us to expect the worst in others, we thought it would be appropriate to show a globally unifying event. Last week, 12 boys and their coach were found alive by divers after getting stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand. You've probably been hearing a lot about their rescue and wondering why it's so difficult to get them out if they've already been located. Here's a great video explaining exactly what's going on. More on this story below.


Tham Luang Cave

On June 23rd, 12 young boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach ventured past warning signs into a cave in northern Thailand where they became stranded. The team has been stranded on a small rocky outcrop within the cave due to rising monsoon flood waters, which blocked the entrance to the cave. 

International Rescue

1,000+ people across an international coalition of nearly two dozen countries have been involved in the rescue effort. Countries that are often at odds with each other on the international stage have come together for the rescue, including Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and more. The multi-day operation has led to the safe evacuation of four boys so far.

The right-leaning media has also portrayed the facts of the rescue in a largely unbiased and un-opinionated way, although with a more significant focus on the US role in the rescue. The Hill’s article almost exclusively focuses on President Trump’s comments on the rescue, with 5 out of the 8 paragraphs of their story singling out US involvement. Fox News chose to emphasize the multilateral rescue efforts while also making sure to reference President Trump’s comments on the rescue.

Typically left-leaning US news outlets focused on the multinational rescue efforts, without significant mention of the US team on the ground. When referencing the US, HuffPost chose to focus on Elon Musk’s suggestions as opposed to the official US government support efforts. While there was no mention of President Trump’s remarks on the rescue, there was also a lack of opinionated comments. 

We still agree on a lot

In the hyper-partisan world of politics today, it’s easy to think we are heading towards ever-increasing conflict. However, stories such as the Thai rescue show us that there are still unifying forces. For instance, recent polls have shown that Americans broadly agree on the following topics: a belief in freedom (~90%), term limits for Congress (~86%), whistleblower protection laws (~81%), and gun crime victims’ rights (82%), to name a few. If we can come together to fight for the survival of a group of boys on the other side of the world, shouldn’t we be able to find common ground, civility, and positivity in our political discourse?

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