Musk's Neuralink Offers Device Linking the Brain to Computers 🧠

Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Neuralink to link human brain to computer

Musk’s neurotechnology company claims to offer a device which will allow the brain to control computers. The technology involves a device composed of thousands of threaded electrodes which allowed a monkey’s brain to control a computer. 

What's next?

In a recent launch event, Musk stated that the technology will focus on people with severe neurological conditions. Neuralink hopes to implant their device into a human “by the end of next year.” 


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Those wary of or against this new technology frame it as an intrusion. Articles will stress that Neuralink will drill holes into consumers’ skulls. Other articles question the functionality of this technology, citing that its success with animals does not guarantee human success


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Articles supporting Neuralink focus on the device's success thus-far, and will remind readers that the product succeeded with primates. These publications will often quote both Musk and his scientists, including senior scientist Phillip Sabes. Other articles will emphasize how unprecedented Neuralink’s service may be and how the company will focus on people with health disorders

Where's the common ground?

Common ground between those wary of Neuralink and those eager for it is vast. Both sides agree that the company’s service is new and remind that human trials have not begun. Articles mildly in support of Neuralink will agree with critics that successes with animals does not translate into human successes

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