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Alex Brandon / AP Photo

Alex Brandon / AP Photo

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Senate Democrats accepted a deal with Senate Republicans to confirm 15 federal judges. In return, the Senate will break for an earlier recess so that vulnerable Democrats can get back to campaigning.

Why did they do that?

Mitch McConnell suggested that he would keep the Senate in session until these judges were approved if Democrats tried to slow down the process. According to Senate rules, each federal nomination could have lasted for 30 hours. Democrats in tight races voiced their preference in returning home ASAP. 


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The left is furious at Democratic leadership for making the deal. They believe Senate Democrats could have kept fighting the nominees while letting the Democrats who are facing tough reelection campaigns go home. The articles worry that by not offering more resistance, the Senate Democrats might further disheartenactivists following the Kavanaugh confirmation.


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The right congratulated Republican Senate leadership for getting the deal done. They highlight that President Trump has already appointed 84 judges while President Obama only managed to get 64 within their first two years in office. The articles hinted that more good news is coming by stressing McConnell’s intentions to get more judges through before the end of the year. 

Was it a bad deal?

Many articles believe that the Democrats’ hopes of winning the Senate have faded in the last few weeks. If this deal proves to be what the Democrats needed to reverse the trends and win in November, then the anger towards their leadership will dissipate. However, if the Democrats still end up losing the Senate, the calls for new leadership may intensify.

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