Missing, Murdered, Politicized 😔

ABC News

ABC News

Missing U of Iowa student’s body found

After a month-long search, a body believed to be that of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts has been found. Tibbetts had gone missing while out for a run in mid-July. A 24-year old immigrant from Mexico was charged with her murder. 


A disaster turns political

Local authorities initially described the male suspect as an “illegal alien”. His lawyer has since claimed that he is, in fact, legal (the truth is still unclear). At a rally, President Trump jumped on the case as proof that immigration laws and border security must be strengthened - aka vote Republican in November. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warner (D-MA) responded by suggesting that separating families is the “real [immigration] problem”.

The right views Tibbetts’ murder as a clear example of weak immigration policy hurting Americans. Articles say Tibbetts' family is now permanently separated from their daughter and that separating families at the border is worth the cost to assure security within the country. The right also lambasts Elizabeth Warren and others from the left as “tone deaf”.

The left sees the politicization of Tibbett’s murder as crude and accuse the right of using the case to support the narrative that immigration endangers American citizens. Articles focus on studies that show that 1st and 2nd generation immigrants commit much fewer crimes than native-born Americans. The left believes Trump is using this case as an opportunity to divert attention from the recent Manafort and Cohenrevelations.

Political insensitivity

The focus of this story quickly turned from a genuine missing person case to political propaganda. The left is correct in pointing out that immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens (there’s lots of data) - and the right is also correct in pointing out the injustice of this crime. However, politicizing this tragedy - from either point of view - is crass and insensitive. 



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