Romney Gets Rowdy In Anti-Trump Op-Ed 🥊

Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

Trump has not "risen to the mantle"

Mitt Romney - the 2012 Republican presidential nominee and incoming Senator from UT - kicked off the new year with some harsh words for the President. In a Washington Post op-ed, Romney says Trump’s presidency has damaged our reputation in the world and divided the country.


Trump took to twitter to counterattack Romney (“...I won big, and he didn’t…”). The shock came when Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the GOP and Mitt Romney’s niece, tweeted that the op-ed was “disappointing and unproductive”.


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The left sees Romney’s op-ed as a potential turning point for the Republican party - a turn away from Trump. Articles argue this is the latest rebuke of the President by a high profile Republican (following Mattis’s resignation and Kelly’s departure). The left hopes Romney’s op-ed will be a rallying cry for Republicans to help Democrats remove Trump from office.


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The right sees Romney’s op-ed as the opening message in his presumed 2020 presidential campaign. Articles from the right speculate that Romney will challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020 - and that he’ll lose. All Romney is doing here, the right says, is helping Democrats in their battle to weaken the president.

Will Romney take down Trump?

Probably not. Remember, Republican legislators have opposed Trump before - think Jeff Flake and Bob Corker - but have failed to start a movement within their party. Romney is better positioned than others were but it still seems unlikely that he’ll challenge Trump in any real way before 2020. 

Romney is still learning



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