Missouri’s Abortion Ban Blocked ❌

Michael B. Thomas / Getty Images

Michael B. Thomas / Getty Images

Blocking the ban

A recent ban on abortions was set to take effect in Missouri today, until U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs blocked portions of it yesterday. The law sought to prohibit abortions at or after eight weeks of pregnancy—a period at which many women don’t know they are pregnant—making it one of the most restrictive abortions rulings to be entered into law.

The fine print

Judge Sachs’ decision cited the ban as a "refusal to comply with the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence", though it still preserved the parts of the bill that prohibited abortion for reasons of race, sex, or a suspected diagnosis of Down syndrome in the fetus. Further, the state’s law was written with the suspicion that it may face legal recourse; with the 8-week ban thrown out, the law includes a cascading series of 14-, 18-, and 20- week abortion bans that may be enacted instead. 


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The right emphasizes the “temporary” aspect of Judge Sachs’ ruling, as he cited pending court proceedings. Conservative news outlets also focus on the role left-leaning institutions like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union played in preventing the law from going into effect. 


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The left focuses on the unconstitutionality of the law, citing sections of Judge Sachs’ opinion to support their opposition. Using rhetoric such as “draconian” to describe the extremity of the law, the left draws attention to the suffering this law may bring to women and doctors alike. 

Where's the common ground?

Abortion rights remain a highly polarizing issue, with little common ground between either side. Even the rhetoric surrounding the topic remains divisive, as conservative outlets typically use the term “baby” whereas liberal outlets will employ “fetus,” illustrating the issue through two very different perspectives. 

Judges going back and forth on abortion like



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