The Caravan That Could πŸš‚

Moises Castillo / AP

Moises Castillo / AP

Seeking asylum

On Friday, a migrant caravan of over 4,000 people originating from Honduras and heading towards the U.S. made it to the Mexico-Guatemala border. Mexican police held up the caravan on the border bridge as it tried to let in only the ones with passports and valid visas

This isn't the first time

The current caravan started with less than 200 people from San Pedro Sula in Honduras, a city known for high levels of violence. The number slowly grew as the caravan made its way through Guatemala to the Mexican border. In several tweets last week, President Trump threatened to withhold aid to Central American countries if they didn't help stop the caravan.


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The left is sympathetic to the caravan. They focus on reporting the stories of hardship of the migrants who make up the caravan. They detail the β€œchronically high levels of violence” and β€œwidespread poverty” in Honduras that have pushed thousands to flee. Articles feature many interviews with the migrants who are resolved to β€œprovide for their children”.


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The right wants to stop the caravan. They position it as β€œan organized crime” that is violating β€œthe sovereignty of Mexico”. They cite how the migrants β€œtore down fences separating Mexico and Guatemala.” These articles also report that four Mexican police officers got injured as they tried to control the chaos at the border.

Where are they now?

~5,000 migrants have crossed into Mexico via the border bridge or on rafts. Mexico and the U.S. are closely monitoring their advance to keep criminal organizations from preying on the marchers. While it may take weeks before the migrants make it to the U.S. border, President Trump has already started using them in his messaging to vote Republican in the midterms.

Caravan = fodder for the Trump wall



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