Déjà Vu: Florida Recount 🗳️

C.M. Guerrero / Miami Herald / AP

C.M. Guerrero / Miami Herald / AP

Count 'em again

Florida has announced a recount for its Senate and Governor races. Florida law requires a recount if the unofficial winner is ahead by less than 0.5%. The initial totals had Ron DeSantis (R) ahead of Andrew Gillum (D) by 0.41% in the Governor’s race, and Rick Scott (R) leading Bill Nelson (D) by 0.14% in the Senate race.

Why now?

Mail-in (or absentee) ballots kept rolling in - making the race tighter. Mail-in ballots generally make up a small percentage of all ballots and take the longest to count since some come from abroad. In tight elections, mail-in ballots can determine the outcome of the race. 


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The left criticizes Republicans for their statements underming the recount. Outlets highlight how President Trump and other Republican leaders have resorted to  “blaming a vast conspiracy” for the shrinking Republican vote lead. The left reinforces their point by revealing that Florida state supervisors have stated that no fraud took place in the 2018 elections.


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The right focuses on lawsuits filed by Rick Scott (R) against the election officials of Broward and Palm Beach counties. They stress that these two Democrat-leaning Florida counties have a long history of “incompetence, peculiarities, and even misplaced provisional ballots.” Some articles point out that the Broward County election commissioner has been at the center of several “accusations of incompetence and mishandling of ballots.”

When will we know who won?

The deadline for the recount is Thursday. However, several media reports are saying that Palm County will not be able to make the deadline. If the recounts end with a winning margin of less than 0.25%, a hand recount will be ordered. A hand recount seems likely in FL's Senate race - so this could take a while...



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