Here’s What Went Down in the Midterms ☑️

Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune

Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune

Key House of Representative races

Democrats needed to gain 23 seats to take over the House and they did. Here were a few of the most contested races for the House yesterday:

  • Kentucky’s 6th: Amy McGrath (D) vs. Andy Barr (R - WINNER)

  • Virginia’s 10th: Jennifer Wexton (D - WINNER) vs. Barbara Comstock (R)

  • Ohio’s 12th: Danny O’Connor (D) vs. Troy Balderson (R - WINNER)

Key Senate races

Democrats needed to gain two seats to gain control of the Senate, but they failed. Here were a few of the most contested Senate races yesterday:

  • Texas: Beto O’Rourke (D) vs. Ted Cruz (R - WINNER)

  • Arizona: Kyrsten Sinema (D - WINNER) vs. Martha McSally (R)

  • Nevada: Jacky Rosen (D - WINNER) vs. Dean Heller (R)

Key gubernatorial races

Here were a few of the most contested governor races:

  • Georgia: Stacey Abrams (D) vs. Brian Kemp (R - WINNER)

  • Florida: Andrew Gillum (D) vs. Rick DeSantis (R - WINNER)

  • Kansas: Laura Kelly (D - WINNER) vs. Kris Kobach (R)

All of the information above is accurate as of 2am ET. After a particularly charged midterm election this year, left and right media outlets anticipate different implications for the remaining two years of Trump’s current term.


NBC News: Trump is going to escalate his attacks on American democracy post-election, no matter who wins

WaPo: The GOP’s looming spin about the 2018 election is a fallacy

The left 
is hopeful that a Democratic House will help rebalance power that has gone unchecked for the past two years. They are relieved that the House will provide necessary oversight over the Trump administration. Furthermore, they reject the notion that Republicans won the midterms overall by holding onto the Senate. 


National Review: If the Democrats Win the House, Expect a Dramatic Shift in Investigations

Fox Insider: Former Obama Adviser: Dems May Retake House, But 'Blue Wave' Won't Happen

The right attributes their victory in the Senate to Trump’s efforts in mobilizing voters within red states and effectively stifling the blue wave. Despite their perception of a victorious midterm election, this side fears the Democrats’ House majority will aggressively crack down on investigations into Trump. They argue that this strategy, if used by Democrats, is counterproductive and unethical.

A midterm like no other?

This year’s midterm election has already shattered records. The number of women, people of color and minorities running for seats in Congress have outdone years prior, and early voter turnout has soared. While Democrats had high hopes, they ultimately underwhelmed at the polls by losing big races with national attention, including governor races in FL and GA, and failing to win the Senate. 

Hmmmm...I guess we'll see



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