Michael Cohen Begins Three-Year Sentence 🔒

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Off to prison

On Monday, Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, began his three-year sentence for crimes pertaining to campaign finance violations related to hush-money payments. He will be serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, northwest of New York City.

...Prison or retreat?

Cohen will be placed at a minimum security camp that many claim has become a haven for white-collar criminals. With a full-time rabbi and kosher dining options, the prison has been rated as one of America’s cushiest prisons. Cohen will be serving time alongside Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ and Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland.


New York Post: Michael Cohen set to begin serving sentence at cushy prison

Fox News: Michael Cohen set to head to minimum-security prison on Monday

The right focuses on the specific prison that Cohen will be serving his sentence in and its conditions. They label the minimum security prison as “cushy,” highlighting that it's referred to as a “Jewish heaven” and that is “a great place for white-collar Jewish guys.”


Daily Beast: Michael Cohen as he heads to prison: ‘There still remains much to be told’

Politico: Cohen: 'There still remains much to be told' in Trump saga

The left focuses on Cohen’s recent comments, made shortly before beginning his sentence. They emphasize Cohen’s statement that, “there still remains much to be told (about the president).” The left insinuates that we don’t know the whole truth as Cohen has not revealed everything he knows.

Where's the common ground?

Articles from the left and right have reported this story with different tones, emphasizing different facts. However, both do acknowledge the moderate prison environment awaiting Cohen as well as his comments regarding having more to say regarding the president.

Michael Cohen before heading to prison:



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