Merkel Has Another Shaking Spell 👀



The shakedown

On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared to suffer from a shaking fit – her third in this past month alone. Standing next to the Finnish Prime Minister, she began to violently shake during the opening of a military honors ceremony, prompting opponents to question her ability to lead and perform as Chancellor. 

"I am fine"

Following the ceremony, Merkel reassured reporters that she is fine. German law allows politicians’ health status to remain private, but there has been much speculation. Merkel has been warned that her failure to answer questions on the trembling accidents is "irritating" German voters.


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Articles that are pessimistic about Merkel’s health allude to her old age and emphasize that this is the third occurrence. They bring up the possibility of the onset of a more serious attack, as well as the notion that Germany is being led by an individual with poor health and stature. 


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Articles that are slightly optimistic about Merkel’s health point to the Chancellor’s perfect attendance for appointments this past month, at a time when her health was speculated to be dire. They also highlight that Merkel is close to the retiring age and that she will not seek re-election. These articles reiterate Merkel’s statements regarding the soundness of her health. 

Where's the common ground?

It’s clear that neither side is completely optimistic about the Chancellor’s health issues. Nonetheless, both sides of the spectrum wish for progress in Merkel’s health, along with the ability to finish her political career strongly. 

Merkel talking to the reporters:



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