Melania Speaks Out About Cyberbullying 👁️‍🗨️

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

Internet for good

Yesterday, First Lady Melania Trump spoke at a cyberbullying conference under her "Be Best" campaign. She emphasized that social media is an "inevitable part of our children's daily lives" and that it can be positive if used correctly. Cyberbullying prevention is one of Mrs. Trump's signature issues as First Lady.


'Be Best' campaign reminder

Be Best is the First Lady's campaign against cyberbullying and the opioid crisis. It focuses on physical and emotional well-being. Many have criticized the campaign for ignoring what they view as frequent cyberbullying by President Trump on Twitter. 

The right focuses on covering the cyberbullying summit itself and that this is a noble cause aimed at helping children - regardless of the president's actions. They also note that it is ironic that those calling out Melania Trump's hypocrisy are also bullying her - noting that one critic said she must be "brain-damaged"

The left focuses on calling Melania Trump a hypocrite for promoting a cause that she herself can't control at home. They provide numerous examples of Donald Trump attacking people on Twitter - 487 to be exact. However, they give her credit for acknowledging that people will be skeptical of her for promoting this cause. 

Melania Trump =/= Donald Trump

While there are blatant tweets that qualify Trump as a cyberbully, they don't disqualify Melania Trump's efforts to fight cyberbullying. Maybe the First Lady is trying to corral the president behind closed doors but is ineffective. Either way, her office has decided to operate independently of the president's and deserves credit for pursuing a noble cause. However, reigning in the president on Twitter would greatly help her cause and set a good example.

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