Obamacare 2.0 💉💉



An accidental endorsement? 

The Mercatus Center authored a report arguing that if the Medicare-for-All (M4A) plan (a Senate bill pushed by Bernie Sanders) is successful, it could lower health care costs by $2 trillion over a ten-year period. The Mercatus Center is a conservative think-tank funded by the libertarian Koch brothers. Bernie Sanders, in response to the report, tweeted a thank you video to the Koch brothers.

What is M4A?

Medicare-for-All has become a recent rallying cry of progressive Democrats. M4A is defined as a single-payer health insurance program funded and run by the government that would cover every American. It's basically a more evolved version of Obamacare. The program would function similar to state-run healthcare programs in Canada, the UK, and other European countries. 

Opponents of M4A note that the report says there’s still a long way to go before M4A is taken seriously. They also cite a Gallup poll indicating that 70% of Americans are happy with their current health insurance. Furthermore, they contend that the M4A plan will require tax hikes to finance it, which Americans will be opposed to. Lastly, they claim that while Obamacare restricted choices, M4A will eliminate choices and crush the US economy in the process.

Proponents of M4A claim that 63% of Americans support a national health insurance plan. They contend that the US spends 2x per capita on healthcare compared to other high-income nations, but ranks last in healthcare outcomes. Furthermore, they assert that M4A will leverage the collective bargaining power of 330 million Americans to ensure affordable healthcare, while expanding access to 30 million more. 

Is M4A realistic in America?

M4A has long been a contentious issue. The idea has gained momentum recently, beginning with Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign. Every study claiming to analyze M4A has done so under assumptions that can’t be proven until the plan is in effect. M4A may be popular among Democrats during campaign season, but whether it shifts the center of gravity of the party towards the left remains to be seen. 



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