McConnell Resists Gun Reform 🔫

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Reform with Trump's approval

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that he will put a gun bill through to Senate if it has approval from the president. After the two deadly mass shootings in West Texas and Ohio last week, pressure on the administration to increase firearm reform is rising.

Republicians' pushback

Though House Democrats have recently passed a background check bill and are pushing for more reform, the Senate GOP will likely remain firm on gaining Trump’s approval on any presented bills.


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The right views McConnell’s statement as prudent, both aligning with Republican values and supporting the president. Articles also focus on McConnell’s willingness to put a bill through to the floor, assuming Trump agrees to pass it.


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The left focuses on the tragedies of the two most recent massacres, highlighting the senseless loss of lives as a direct result of McConnell’s resistance to firearm reform. Articles often reference Trump’s comment that the recent shootings “really [haven’t] changed anything” as evidence of his unwillingness to see the problem’s severity.

Where's the common ground?

While the right and left haven’t settled on what, if any, gun reform needs to take place, both parties can at least agree that the amount of mass shootings occurring is of concern.

A really big problem



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