R.I.P. Senator John McCain 🥀

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

An American hero

On Saturday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) passed away at the age of 81 while battling brain cancer. A Navy pilot hailing from a decorated Navy family, McCain was shot down during the Vietnam War and spent 5.5 years as a prisoner of war – famously refusing release until those captured before him were released. He will be remembered most for his honor, respect for others, and service to his country.



Following his death, an outpouring of praise and condolences came from leaders across both sides of the aisle. Sen. McCain personally requested that former presidents George W. Bush and Obama deliver his eulogy. President Trump tweeted his condolences but drew the ire of many for not ordering the White House flags lowered in honor of Sen. McCain.


Outlets labeling McCain's legacy as complicated question whether he really was a savior of Obamacare. They praise him for voting against the ‘skinny repeal’ and another subsequent repeal attempt last year. However, they point out that he voted to abolish the individual mandate as part of the Republican tax bill – which is what the skinny repeal would have done in the first place. 

Outlets praising McCain's legacy credit him for being steadfast in his beliefs, but considerate of opposing views. They praise him for being a champion of American foreign policy while being tough on military brass as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. To many, McCain’s rebuking of a woman’s ignorance in calling Obama an Arab [WATCH] during his 2008 exemplifies his greatest trait – honor.

A legacy of patriotism

John McCain had a complicated legacy as a politician. While he did stand up to his party on multiple occasions, some say he failed to do so when it mattered the most. Labeled a warhawk by some and a warrior for the environment by others, Senator McCain was - like many of us - human. His political career and motives may be questioned, but there’s no questioning this – John McCain was a true American patriot.



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