May The Best Brexit Win 💂

Alberto Pezzali / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Alberto Pezzali / NurPhoto / Getty Images

May survives vote of 'no confidence'

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a vote of 'no confidence' in Parliament. May would have been forced to step down as PM if the vote, triggered by her own party, succeeded. 

What does the vote mean for Brexit?

After the vote, May stressed her “renewed mission" to deliver on Brexit. Brexiteers in Parliament that voted against May criticized her inability to deliver a Brexit on good terms with the EU. Meanwhile, the EU has indicated they will not negotiate further with May


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Those who believe the vote hurts Brexit underline the large amount of party members that voted against May (117 against vs 200 in favor). As a result, May's party no longer has a working Parliamentary majority on the issue of Brexit. 


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Those that believe the vote does not hurt Brexit point to the fact that though some do not like May’s deal, a deal is in place nonetheless. They also point to a history of May’s will power in spite of “bullies” and reinforce that regardless of opposition.

What will happen to May and Brexit?

May stated that she will not lead the party in 2020. As for Brexit, it may eventually pass in its current form as there’s no clear alternative and the deadline is fast approaching in late March. 

Brits haven't learned that divorce is never easy



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