Majority of U.S. States Move for Investigation of Google 

Hannah McKay / Reuters

Hannah McKay / Reuters

Country-wide support

On Monday, 48 states (with California and Alabama abstaining), divulged that an investigation into Google was to be undertaken. Additionally, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico gave support for beginning the antitrust probe into the tech company's affairs. Members of both the Democratic and Republican parties have been in favor of the action.

Investigating Big Tech

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple have been collectively referred to as Big Tech. Lately, Big Tech has been under the scrutiny of the industries of government and business. Monday's disclosure of an investigation into Google followed that of an investigation into Facebook's marketing superiority on Friday.


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The right label Google as a “left-wing tech giant.” Some conservative media favor using primarily Republican sources in reporting the story. They also highlight some of the vague, mysterious tweeting President Trump has done while mentioning Google lately.


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The left gives some voice to Google’s side of the story, noting that in the past the tech giant has claimed it wants to work “constructively with regulators.” Some liberal media also state that certain Democratic attorneys general want the investigation carried out no matter what.

Where's the common ground?

The shared turf between the two political wings in this instance comes in the form of common concern — namely, for the business welfare of the US and the Internet. Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren and Republicans such as Josh Hawley can come to terms and agree on something: a proper look into Google's dominance in the areas of web advertising and search engine popularity.

Bing, who?



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