Louis C.K. Makes an Appearance 🎀

Stephen Lovekin / REX / Shutterstock

Stephen Lovekin / REX / Shutterstock

Back on stage

Nine months after admitting to sexual misconduct allegations, Louis C.K. returned to comedy on Sunday night in an unannounced set at the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Louis received a standing ovation from the audience before he even started his set. He did not acknowledge the allegations or #MeToo in his set.

Remind me of what he did

Last fall, five female comedians went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against Louis. Louis admitted the allegations of him exposing himself to women were true. He ended his statement with a promise to stop talking (aka performing) and spend some time listening.


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Pro-comeback folks are glad Louis is back to performing. They argue that sexual misconduct allegations cannot be a life sentence. They believe, at some point, those who have done wrong and taken responsibility must be allowed to return. They also point out that only one person from the audience complained about Louis C.K.’s set.


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The anti-comeback folks are furious that Louis (and the Comedy Cellar) thought that it was appropriate for him to be back on stage. They argue that the damage Louis did is still out there affecting his victims. They believe he should be prosecuted for the crimes he committed - not be back to work only 9-months after his scandal.

Should Louis C.K. be allowed back into the mainstream?

Ultimately, the people will decide. He did something very wrong, however, taking responsibility and disappearing for a while seems to have done the trick. So, Louis's case surfaces a serious question: who will we re-accept into the mainstream and when? Aziz Ansari is back to comedy after accusations of misconduct. Charlie Rose is shopping around a new show after years of misconduct were exposed. Even Matt Lauer is eyeing a comeback. Do we let these men back into our lives? And if so, when?

Louis C.K. ignoring his past



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