Kanye Strikes Again 💿

Rosalind O’Connor / NBC

Rosalind O’Connor / NBC

Didn't make the cut

Last Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live featured Kanye West as a musical guest, but it was his surprise monologue that drew more attention. Wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap, West covered topics ranging from supporting Trump to being race-blind. His speech was edited out of the broadcast, but clips from audience members can be viewed online.

Adding fuel to the fire

On Sunday, West uploaded an Instagram post wearing the same MAGA cap to argue for the abolition of the 13th Amendment. The 13th Amendment banned slavery. He later amended his statement to “let’s amend the 13th amendment.” Yet for many confused fans, this failed to clarify the motivations behind his posts. 


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The left 
believes that the events of the past week have pointed to a gradual decline of Kanye. They argue that his name change to “Ye” and his defense of misogynists, abusers, and sexual predators, reflect Kanye creating controversy for the sake of controversy. The left sees the friendly relationship between Kanye and Trump to be founded on a mutual benefit to both - any press is good press, right?


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The right argues that anyone who mocks or attacks Kanye over his comments is attacking the entire black population. They compare the situation to white supremacists oppressing ‘ignorant blacks.’ Other sources on the right applaud West for simply speaking his mind, no matter what his opinions are.

The great decline of Kanye?

This is not Kanye's first attempt at discussing the topic of slavery. He previously declared to a shocked TMZ newsroom: “when you hear about slavery for 400 years … For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.” In light of his viral “I Love It” music video, the revelation of mental illness struggles, and outbursts on SNL and social media, perhaps we are witnessing the great decline of Kanye West. What do you think?

"If I buy you a sick truck, will this all go away?"



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