Justice Thomas Turns Heads šŸ¤”

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Gamble v. United States

On Monday, Justice Clarence Thomas issued his concurring opinion on Gamble v. United States that turned some heads. Justice Thomasā€™ opinion called for overturning ā€œdemonstrably erroneous decisionsā€ even those sustained for decades.

Attack on precedent

Justice Thomasā€™ opinion had many pro-choice and pro-life advocates interested as many believe the implications of his comments open the door to revisit Roe v. Wade. Thomas issued an opinion a month ago that had similar undertones regarding Roe v. Wade.


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The right discusses Justice Thomasā€™ comments along with the facts surrounding it and its implications. They address Justice Thomasā€™ reasoning behind his comments, specifically his criticism of English common law, which is based on a precedent-focused principle. The right also addresses the implications of his comments, specifically pertaining to Roe v. Wade.


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The left is extremely critical of Justice Thomas and his comments. They highlight controversial comments  heā€™s made in the past in order to frame their narrative (see: 1, 2). The left also insinuates that he might attack other landmark cases that set precedence such as Roe, Miranda, and Brown, taking America back to the ā€˜Gilded Age.ā€™

Where's the common ground?

The only common ground between the sides is linking Justice Thomasā€™ opinion to revisit Roe v. Wade.

Clarence, you old rascal



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