Russia Investigation Closing In? 🕵️

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Lies all around

Robert Mueller's Russia investigation has filed recommendations for sentencing both Michael Cohen (Trump's ex lawyer) and Paul Manafort (Trump's ex campaign manager). Authorities requested Cohen serve “substantial jail time” for lying to investigators. Manafort's memo alleged that he violated his plea agreement by also lying to federal investigators.

White House reaction

President Trump tweeted that these filings cleared him of any collusion with Russia. He also alluded to the preparation of a report to counter the final findings from the Mueller investigation.


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The left believes that the memo's filed against Cohen and Manafort look ominous for the president. They focus on the federal prosecutor’s statement that they believe Cohen “acted in coordination with and at the direction” of Trump regarding the use of payments to suppress damaging stories (aka the Stormy Daniels payment). 


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The right mostly echoes the White House’s response to the sentencing recommendations. They emphasize the fact that Mueller's recommendation that Cohen serve jail time agrees with their narrative that Cohen is a liar. They also highlight how the court filings did not contain anything pointing to collusion between Trump and Russia.

Do these memo's matter?

The memos are the first documents where federal prosecutors link President Trump to a crime. John Dean, former lawyer for President Nixon, believes that it could force Congress to start impeachment proceedings. The files will provide the newly Democrat-controlled House more leads to investigate with their subpoena powers in 2019.

Trump supporters when they hear "Russia investigation"



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