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Jeff Sessions resigns

Jeff Sessions, now former Attorney General of the US, resigned yesterday per President Trump’s request. Sessions’s resignation marks the end of his almost two-year tenure as Attorney General, a time period defined by his up and down relationship with the president.

Replacement + Consequences 

Trump has named Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Whitaker, promoted from his post as Sessions’s Chief of Staff, possesses a diverse political resume including a stint as a conservative commentator for CNN. Many have issued concern about the fact that Whitaker openly opposed the Mueller-Russia probe, a probe that Sessions refused to end despite Trump’s urging him to do so.


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Those who believe Sessions’s firing will not impact the Russia probe focus on Trump and Sessions’s rocky relationship as the main driver in the firing. This side downplays the effect that Whitaker will have on the Mueller-Russia probe, stressing his interim status and the watchful eyes of a newly Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.


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Those who believe Sessions’s firing will impact the Russia probe stress the fact that Whitaker opposed the probe and now has the ability to limit the budget for Mueller’s probe. They also point to Trump’s willingness to dismiss cabinet members in order to achieve his own agenda.

What will Whitaker do?

Whitaker cannot legally fire Mueller without “good cause”. Even those concerned about the Russia probe acknowledge that a firing is unlikely. The line becomes more blurry when discussing Whitaker’s ability to limit Mueller’s resources. Keep an eye on the pair’s relationship moving forward, but for now we cannot assume that Sessions’ departure will impact the investigation significantly, especially since Sessions has been on Trump's naughty list for awhile.

Jeff & Donald - no longer the relationship it used to be 💔



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