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An unlikely ideological battleground

Recently, Twitter has found an unexpected popularity boost from ideological battles - partly thanks to Trump? The latest incident of ideological divide on Twitter came with the firing of two high profile celebrities. Right-leaning Roseanne Barr's show was canceled after she tweeted that a former Obama aide resembled an ape. Left-leaning James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) had his contract terminated by Disney after old tweets joking about pedophilia resurfaced.

A simple mistake or a sinful crime?

In a post-"MeToo" world, more celebrities are being called out for certain actions/comments that are no longer tolerated. However, as with any movement, controversy abounds over its clear line. In the case of Barr and Gunn, the ideological divide comes from what one thinks is a forgivable mistake versus what another thinks is an irrevocable crime.

The right supports Roseanne Barr but not James Gunn. Barr was one of the few popular celebrities that openly supported President Trump and many outlets see her firing as liberal HhollywHollywoodg out conservatives from the biz. Their critique on Gunn’s tweets are more straightforward and note that his disregard for pedophilia and willingness to joke about it is disturbing.

The left supports James Gunn but not Roseanne Barr. Many outlets point out that Gunn's tweets are almost a decade old, while Barr’s tweets are recent. Many outlets analyzed the tweets and have argued that Gunn’s tweets are merely misguided jokes, while Barr's tweets are deliberate attacks against a minority. Some outlets have even gone as far as to say that the sudden focus on Gunn’s decade-old tweets is retaliation from conservatives regarding the Barr firing.

Hypocrisy on both sides

Both sides argue that the other is guilty of hypocrisy: one offensive tweet is wrong while the other is just a mistake. This is why this case is so interesting, each side is apparently guilty of both political correctness and censorship. Perhaps this story shows that political outlets are more prone to their political allies than they are to political ideologies.



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