“Lock Her Up”: Ivanka’s Email Scandal 👮‍

Michael Brochstein / SOPA / LightRocket / Getty Images

Michael Brochstein / SOPA / LightRocket / Getty Images

Ivanka draws echoes of Hillary

According to a Washington Post report, Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails to White House officials from a personal account, violating federal records rules. The news quickly drew parallels with Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State, for which President Trump nicknamed her “Crooked Hillary.”

So...what did she actually do?

Ivanka’s spokesperson told the Washington Post that Ivanka was “not familiar with some details of the [White House security] rules” when she sent the emails in 2017 and that none contained classified information.


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The left focuses on the similarity between Ivanka and Hillary’s private email usage. These articles challenge Ivanka’s defense as ridiculoushypocritical, and blatantly ironic, arguing that her father’s rallying cry against Clinton (“Lock her up!”) would have made it impossible for Ivanka not to understand the significance of using a personal email.


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The right has defended Ivanka’s use of a private email, pointing to several differences, compared to Hillary, in how she used her email. They emphasize the fact that Ivanka only used her personal email during a transition period into the White House, mostly to schedule family logistics. These articles contend that using private emails is a “widespread” practice among federal employees, making it a “non-issue.”

Will anything happen to Ivanka?

A few Democrats called for a federal investigation into Ivanka’s conduct on Tuesday. However, most stayed silent, seemingly not wanting to draw criticisms of hypocrisy themselves. If official charges are brought against her, it’s plausible that Ivanka (like Clinton) would ultimately be cleared.

Democrats learning about Ivanka's private email usage



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