Is Ebola Under Control? 💉

Junior D. Kannah / AFP / Getty Images

Junior D. Kannah / AFP / Getty Images

Ebola outbreak

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is experiencing the second-worst outbreak of Ebola in recorded history. On Wednesday, reports from the region list 743 cases of the disease, including 461 deaths. Coupled with a rise in reported measles cases in North America, early 2019 wrestles with an increase in world health concerns.

Potential optimism

In 2013, scientists found a vaccine for one of the three types of Ebola. A vaccine for the current form has yet to surface and while many reports focus on this version of Ebola’s seemingly unstoppable nature, some believe that recent “breakthroughs” in Ebola treatment could slow this version of the virus.


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Those who are optimistic focus on the progress of a potential vaccination. This side cites recent lab findings as well as the fact that scientists did find a vaccination to one form of Ebola. These sources do, however, concede that infection and death tolls remain high and rising.


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Those who are more pessimistic 
focus on the viruses seemingly unmanageable spread. They call upon examples of the virus quelling in one region of the DRC, only to appear en masse in another region. The sources point to this as evidence that it could and will spread beyond the region.

What will happen in the Congo? Globally?

It’s impossible to predict the future of the DRC’s most recent Ebola problem. It’s enticing to believe that an effective vaccine will surface, given that it did so in 2013. However, the erratically mobile nature of this case of Ebola is dangerous and could result in another global outbreak (like the one in 2014) if we don't contain it well enough.

Stay vigilant



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