Iran Ups Its Nuclear Game In Light Of US Sanctions 💣



Iran declared it will breach the 2015 nuclear deal restrictions starting in 10 days

In 2015, the Obama administration signed a deal with Iran wherein the US lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran lowering its use of uranium and not building any nuclear weapons. In May 2018, the Trump administration withdrew the US from that deal. Now Iran says it will breach their side of the nuclear deal if Europe doesn’t step up to alleviate the US sanctions.

Does that mean Iran is building nuclear bombs?

Under the 2015 deal, Iran could only enrich uranium up to 3.67%, making it useable for nuclear power, but nowhere near the amount needed for weapons. Iran now says it will increase this to 3.7% if Europe does not comply, defying the deal. However, the percent needed for nuclear bombs is 90%–a far cry from the .03% increase being discussed.


The Blaze: Iran says it will pass limits for uranium set by Obama-era Iran nuclear deal within 10 days, threatens European nations with further violations

The Daily Caller: Iran warns it could stop complying with 2015 Nuclear Deal

The right does not blame the US for pulling out of the 2015 deal, but does admit that the new sanctions on Iran are what provoked Iran in the first place. Emphasis is placed on Iran’s threatening announcement and its demand regarding European aid. Several articles mention the correlation between this announcement and the two oil tankers that sank in the Gulf of Omanrecently.


The Times: Iran tests West with vow to breach nuclear deal within 10 days

The Hill: Iran is winning, but US has options, in Gulf crisis

The left thinks that Iran is fighting against the US sanctions by lashing out against the deal. Articles taking this perspective are in favor of the deal and point out that this situation would likely have been avoided if Trump had not pulled out of the agreement. These articles also focus on what the US should do next in order to avoid a possible war.

Where’s the common ground?

The left and right are reporting the same set of facts, and both are wary of Iran. Europe has a limited amount of time left to respond before Iran disregards the 2015 nuclear deal. Articles on both sides report that while Iran is clearly defying the deal by raising their uranium enrichment by .03%, the increase is still far below dangerous levels.

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