Iran Sanctions Are Back 🚫

Fatemeh Bahrami / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Fatemeh Bahrami / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Reinstated after a short hiatus

Under the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, sanctions on Iran were lifted in return for Iran’s cooperation in monitoring its nuclear development program. Trump has since pulled the US out of the deal and reinstated sanctions on oil, finance, and other sectors. The sanctions kicked in this week.

How do the sanctions work?

The sanctions prevent any company that does business with Iran from doing business with the US. However, eight countries have been granted waivers to allow temporary continued business with Iran. The waiver does not include the UK, Germany, and France, who have vowed to help companies continue business with Iran through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).


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Those condemning the sanctions point out that by attacking Iran the US is in fact attacking their own friends. They believe that the sanctions violate the principle of free trade and further destabilize the Middle East. By imposing sanctions again, sources argue that the EU will have to fight Trump head on through SPVs, further deteriorating their relationship.


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Those praising the sanctions reference Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Liberman, who thank Trump for reinstating sanctions on Iran. They see the sanctions as a critical blow to Iran, who is the biggest threat to Israel and peace in the Middle East.

Will the sanctions be successful?

The announcement of the sanctions has already resulted in a number of companies pulling their investments from Iran. Companies trying to evade the sanctions have been promised “severe, swift penalties.” The Trump administration is taking a stubborn stance on Iran via sanctions, but Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is not backing down without a fight.

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