Impeachment Talks Are Getting Fired Up 🔥

Erin Schaff / The New York Times

Erin Schaff / The New York Times

Post-Mueller report world

After the release of the long-anticipated Mueller report, everyone is trying to figure out what to make of it. The right feels victorious since the report could not conclude any collusion occurred with Russia during the 2016 election. Meanwhile, the left isn’t giving up since they believe a lack of evidence doesn’t mean collusion didn’t occur.

A divided left

The left is divided on whether to pursue impeachment, regardless of the report’s findings. Some on the left believe there is enough in the report to conclude that there was at least obstruction of justice by Trump. They’re being countered by the right, who believe there’s no way this will fly.


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Those on the right who are against impeachment believe the left can’t accept that they lost. If they try to impeach, there is no way it would pass the Republican Senate. As a result, they argue pursuing impeachment in the House would be purely symbolic and could do more damage to the Dems than  good.


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Those on the left who want impeachment believe that if you read the 400+ page report, you will see that Trump obstructed justice on multiple occasions. The problem here is that he instructed people in what could have been obstruction, but they never followed through. Some on the left want to impeach Trump but are nervous about the damage it could cause to the democratic process if he isn’t ultimately convicted. 

Where's the common ground?

Both sides agree that impeaching Trump and getting him out of office is not a likely scenario. The difference in opinion comes down to whether it is worth the political gains or risks involved. Some on the left believe pursuing impeachment could put them in a positive light with anti-Trump voters come 2020.

Let the debates begin (again)



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