ICE Raids Begin 🚨

Bill Cox / US Immigration and Customs Enforcement / Getty Images

Bill Cox / US Immigration and Customs Enforcement / Getty Images

Trump confirms ICE raids

Last Friday, President Trump informed reporters that ICE raids would commence starting Sunday and would target up to 2,000 individuals. He had originally delayed the raids to give Congress the chance to pass legislation regarding illegal immigration.

What's happened so far?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has confirmed reports of unsuccessful ICE raids in New York City. Immigration activists in other parts of the country have not heard of any ICE activity. ICE has declined to comment on any operational details of the raid.


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The right focuses on justifying the need for ICE to conduct raids. They argue that the raids are designed to target individuals that had “the opportunity” to make an asylum claim but did not show up. They believe the raids will provide a “much needed deterrence” to illegal immigration and may “compel” Congress to provide a permanent solution.


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The left focuses on the effect that the raids have on immigrant communities across the nation. They report that migrants are hiding in their homes and feel like “the environment is very much like a hurricane”. The articles also point out that many local governments have refused to cooperate with ICE agents on the raids. 

Where’s the common ground?

Both sides agree that the raids are a significant development in the Trump administration’s efforts to address illegal immigration in the country. Their respective perspectives and narratives on the raids are dramatically different and reflect the nation’s divide on the issue.

Trump getting in on the raids



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