Another Hurricane = Another Controversy 🌬️

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Record-breaking storm

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle last week as a strong Category 4 hurricane with winds reaching 155mph. Michael was the strongest hurricane to strike the US since 1992, in terms of wind speed. As of this writing, 33 deaths have been attributed to Michael.

Trump’s priorities criticized

As Hurricane Michael was making landfall in Florida, President Trump dialed into “Fox & Friends” for a Q&A session, then met with Kanye West in the Oval Office and hosted a rally in Pennsylvania later that evening. Some media outlets criticized the president's priorities, calling it a “Presidential Circus...Narcissism Summit.”


Washington Post: Trump shamed Obama for campaigning after a hurricane. Then he did it as Michael ravaged Florida.

LA Times: Reality TV: Trump preempts hurricane coverage for morning with 'Fox & Friends' and afternoon with Kanye West

The left 
is critical of Trump for hosting Kanye West and attending a rally in the midst of Hurricane Michael. Articles remind readers that Trump criticized Obama for attending a rally in 2012 one week after Hurricane Sandy hit New York. They imply Trump is being a hypocrite for doing the same. 


Breitbart: Donald Trump Vows to ‘Spare No Expense’ to Help Victims of Hurricane Michael

Fox News: Trump talks Haley replacement, Hurricane Michael in exclusive interview

The right 
chooses to take a fact-based approach by listing the various tasks that Trump accomplished during the hurricane, including being in “total communication” with the Governors of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. By listing out what Trump accomplished, the right tries to paint the picture that Trump was able to stay on top of the hurricane while also getting a lot of other tasks done. 

Presidential expectations during a crisis

While there are no hard rules for what a president must do during a hurricane crisis, we thought the following dos and don'ts would be something both sides can agree upon.


  • Deploy the resources needed to support the affected regions

  • Speak to the nation about the crisis and ensuing response

  • Engage with victims, personally, if necessary


  • Appear aloof to the crisis, even if effectively managing it internally

  • Make political statements/advance a political agenda

  • Campaign

Do you agree? And do you think Trump responded appropriately?

Meanwhile, in Florida...



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